Achieves revolutionary productivity of 200,000 CPH* making it the world’s fastest compact SMT platform available. 


Multi-camera system

 Innovative multi-camera system has faster recognition speed along with high accuracy. This system can also include a coplanarity check function and side-view camera.

  Compact space-saving design

Whether configured as a 2 or 4 beam system, the YSM40R maintains the same small footprint of only one meter wide and 2.1 meters deep. The Z:TA-R delivers class leading productivity per square meter making it a powerful tool for maximizing limited production areas.

 Ultra-high-speed rotary head

Delivers revolutionary productivity by employing our unique simultaneous component pickup technology, newly developed rotary control technology, and a significant weight reduction over our previous high- speed heads.

Ultra-high-speed ZS feeder

A light-weight compact motorized feeder incorporates a new type control algorithm to ensure super-high-speed operation.*

Beam variations in 2 types

Select from two beam variations to meet your specific need focusing on maximizing speed or flexibility. Our 4-beam platform is optimized for high speed chip mounting or the 2-beam platform that offers flexible handling of a wide range of components including odd-shaped chips and connectors.

Dual lane system handles large-size PCBs

The YSM40R employs a dual lane system that gives superb versatility in feeding 2 parallel lanes of PCB in sizes ranging from small to midsized PCB on up to large-sized PCBs of 700 mm in length.