Who we are?

QYSMT is a specialist matching equipment demand and supply, and we keep doing this for since 2006!

Whenever there is demand for electronic manufacturing equipment, we will do it rightly!


Our Customers



1. Dixon

Dixon is the largest EMS listed company in India. QYSMT has provided Dixon with more than 25 different second-hand equipment since 2011.

2. LG

We helped HLDS (a joint venture between LG and Hitachi) to establish a complete Panasonic production line for hard disks within the specified time frame, ensuring the customer's production plan. We are highly appreciated by our customers.  

Our certificate

1. IPC Member

QYSMT is a member of IPC. We use this standard to regulate our operating standards and strictly select high-quality second-hand equipment for customers.

2. ISO Certificated

We believe that in addition to products, the company's set of standardized processes and reasonable systems are important guarantees.

3. SGS Certified

With 13 years of experience in international trade, we are well aware of the concerns of our customers, and we are committed to building a safe platform in cooperation with SGS

4. Trademark

QYSMT is a Registered Trademark, this is our commitment to being the customer’s trusted brand.