Many high-end functions included as standard features 

Detects pickup status and component’s presence with no time loss. 

Nozzle cleaning station 

Automatic cleaning function, passing high-pressure air through spline and nozzle, keeps nozzles clean for extended periods. 

Highly robust “High-Speed Smart Recognition”
that also creates recognition data for custom or unique compo- nents in a short time is now standard functionality. 

Automatic pin support 

Automatically change- over the support pin’s location according
to the program. 

Limitless expansion becomes reality: wide support capabilities! 


Handling large PCBs 

Z:LEX YSM20R you can select a single-lane conveyor or dual stage conveyor on 2-beam system, to match the PCB size and production volume you need. 

Z:LEX YSM20WR configurations support a wide range of PCB sizes up to L 810 x W 662 mm (maximum 1 lane used) or two boards
up to L 810 x W 356 mm (dual lane).