Compact Economy Flexible Modular


Model  YS12F (Model : KKJ-000) 
Applicable PCB  L510mm~W460mm to L50mm~W50mm 
Mounting accuracy  Absolute accuracy(μ+3σ) +/-0.05mm/CHIP 
Mounting tact  20,000CPH(under our optimum condition) 
Component supply  Tape reel, tray 
Number of component types  Tape package components: 47 types(Max/8mm tape reel conversion) Tray package conversion: 15 types(Max/JEDEC tray conversion) 
Applicable components  0402 to  45*mm MAX, including ball type electrode components * 32 to * 45 is conditional
*Correspondence since Jan., 2010 
Applicable height  15*mm *Correspondence since Jan., 2010 
Power supply  3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V }10% 
Air supply source  0.45MPa 
External dimension  L1,254 ~W1,755 ~H1,450mm (when ATS15 mounted; not include the projection) 
Weight  Approx. 1,370kg (when ATS15 mounted)