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    A variety of second-hand equipment can be selected  Immediate delivery!


    Device real-time update, What you see is what you get!  


    Good maintenance + good packaging,  Reach you in perfect condition!  


    Secure transaction and long-term cooperation with major brands!


    we provide

    We buy and sell new and used 

    SMT Mounter, solder paste printer, SPI, AOI, reflux furnace。 

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    Paste Printer

    Excellent condition of refurbished automatic printers like DEK, MPM, Panasonic, etc.

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    P&P Machine

    High-speed chip shooters and Flexible placers in mass quantity, Like Panasonic, Hanwha, JUKI, YAMAHA, FUJI, etc

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    Paster Inspector

    Reliable 3D inline and 2D offline SPI & AOI, like Koh Young, TRI, SAKI, OMRON, etc

    Hanwha Decan High
    performance line.

    Mounter: Decan S2 + S2 + F2 + L2

    Speed: 320K CPH.

    Feeder Slot: 444 slot.

    Length: 5,720 mm.


    DEK Printer 03ix + TRI 3D SPI TR7007 SII Plus + Mounter Decan (4 units) + Heller reflow 1936 MK7 + TRI 3D AOI TR7700 SII Plus

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    Panasonic NPM High

    performance line.

    Mounter: Panasonic NPM-W2 + NPM-W2 + NPM-W2 + NPM-W2

    Speed: 236K CPH.

    Feeder trough: 446 trough。

    Length: 5120 mm。



    Panasonic printer SPG + Prami 3D SPI Simga X+ Mounter NPM-W2(4 台)+ TSM Reflow TRN I-E102S+ Parmi 3D AOI Xceed