Component range

           0201 mm chips to 55 × 100 mm sizes without                   requiring head replacement 

           Mounting Speed

        46,000 CPH
           (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor) 

           Integrates three YS12/12F model types into
           1 unit 

            Feeder Capacity

         96 lanes
            (8 mm tape  conversion )

 Incorporating the best capabilities of 3 machines into 1 new platform 

       The 1-head solution
          Handles a wide range of components from 0201 (0.2 mm × 0.1 mm) ultra-micro-chips to large parts 55 mm × 100 mm and 15 mm in height

         and needs no head replacement since it uses high-speed  general-purpose heads the same as high-end models. 


New scan camera

Improves scan camera performance that
expands the size of high-speed mounting
parts to 12 x 12 mm.

HM (High-speed Multi) head

Standard type with 10 nozzle specifications for a compact body, light-weight, high-speed and versatility.

Flexible response for different production configurations

Compatible components