115,000 CPH   

Maximize your productivity
2-beams – 2-heads with highest speed in its class 

0201mm to 55x100mm  component size  

The 1-head solution! No need to exchange heads! 

Low-impact nozzle 

Deliver highest mounting quality due to new 

State-Of-Art GUI 

Operation evolved to latest level Allows intuitive operation with new 

Clarico-Offer style 4

High-speed general-purpose rotary RM head achieves 115,000 CPH!

Rotary head boosts component mounting of super- tiny to large size components. This results in both high-speed production and flexibility, where head re- placement is no longer needed. This is the Yamaha 1-head solution technology concept. This mounter can handle components

ranging from super-tiny 0201 mm components up to medium-sized odd- shaped components with heights of 6.5 mm, and 12 x 12 mm dimensions  

Clarico-Offer style 4

Overdrive motion

Utilizes the overdrive motion concept from ∑ technology that minimizes the interference range between 2 heads
to achieve higher


8mm high-speed feeder type

We offer a product line of high-speed feeders

capable of supporting RM heads that achieve high productivity. Component feed speed is drastically improved which supports
ultra-high-speed RM

head component pickup.